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Willa Hammitt Brown is a Preceptor in Expository Writing at Harvard University and doctoral candidate in the Corcoran Department of History at the University of Virginia, where she is finishing her dissertation, "Gentlemen of the Woods: Manhood, Myth, and the American Lumberjack, 1860-1920." She is a columnist and podcast host for Off Assignment, and has appeared on NPR, the CBC and




PhD, History University of Virginia, (in progress)        Charlottesville, VA

Dissertation: “Gentlemen of the Woods: Manhood, Myth and the American Lumberjack, 1860-1920.”

(Thesis Advisor: Elizabeth Varon) 

ABD, September 2011

Examination Fields: US History 1500-1865, US History 1865 – Present, International Comparative Gender History (Minor Field), Nineteenth Century American Cultural History (Special Field) 


Master of Arts, History University of Virginia, 2011        Charlottesville, VA 

Thesis: “Settlers, Subjects and Citizens: meanings of Citizenship in the Northwest Territory”

(Director: Peter S. Onuf) 


Bachelor of Arts, History Oxford University, 2008            Oxford, UK

Thesis: “The Culture of the Lake State Lumberjacks 1880 – 1915”

BA (Hons.), 2.1 



Teaching Experience                                                

Preceptor in Expository Writing, Harvard University

Imagining the Wild West, Fall 2015 - present


Teaching Assistant, Semester at Sea

Introduction to AnthropologyProfessor Caleb Everett, Spring 2015

World Mythologies, Professor Hugh Flick, Spring 2015


Teaching Assistant, University of Virginia

Introduction to Gender Studies: University of Virginia, Lecturer Cori Field, Fall 2014 (3 sections) 

Gender in America, 1865 - Present: University of Virginia, Lecturer Cori Field, Spring 2014 (3 sections)

American Cultural and Intellectual History: University of Virginia, Professor Elizabeth Varon, Spring 2012 (3 sections)

Women in America, 1865 - Present: University of Virginia, Lecturer Cori Field, Spring 2012 (3 sections)

Viewing America: University of Virginia, Professor Brian Balogh, Fall 2011 (3 sections)

Women in America, 1865 – Present: University of Virginia, Lecturer Cori Field, Spring 2011 (3 sections)

Women in America, 1605 – 1865: University of Virginia, Lecturer Cori Field, Fall 2010 (3 sections)



Review of Daughters of Israel, Daughters of the South by Jennifer A Stollman, American Jewish History, January, 2014. 

"Lumbersexuality and Its Discontents" - Atlantic online, December 2014. 



Papers Given and Public Presentations

"The Lumbersexual," Department of Religion and Culture Lecture Series, Virginia Tech, Fall 2015

"From Him Unto Whom Much Has Been Given: A Brief History of the Use (and Mis-Use) of Privilege," Explorers Seminar, MV Explorer, Spring 2015. 

“Grey Flannel Suits and Red Leather Jackets: Masculinity in 1950s Film & Television,” lecture, Spring 2012

“’If the great battle is to be fought in the Valley of the Mississippi’ : Lyman Beecher, Theodore Weld, 

and the Fate of the West, 1830-1834.” Early American Seminar, University of Virginia, 21 February 2012 

“The Cult of True Womanhood in the West, 1790-1850.” Guest Lecture for HIUS 3611, Fall 2011 


Honors and Awards

Graduate Teaching Award, Honorable Mention, 2011